Scottish Girolles

Latin name: Cantharellus Cibarius
Alternative names: None Known
Culinary uses: Frozen/ Dried/ Pickled

Although the term “Girolle” is the French translation of Chanterelle, in this instance we’re referring to one of the British Isles most cherished wild edibles: the Scottish Girolle. As July approaches we wait with bated breath for the first yellow buttons to appear amongst the beech, birch and pine. Much like appellation in wine terms, these golden treasures with their heady, apricot-like aroma and fruity, peppery taste are a product of their terroir and are, in our opinion, the best tasting of all the Cantharellus Cibarius’. No other genus or locality of girolle can match the Scottish for the exquisite flavour, which persists even after long cooking, and it’s most pleasing of textures. The best way to prepare them is as simple as possible, although they can also be pickled and frozen very effectively.