Latin name: Marasmius Oreades
Alternative names: Fairy Ring Champignon/ Bonnet Mushroom
Culinary uses: Dried/ Pickled

Translated, the name “Mousseron” means “growing on moss”. Unlike many other soil-dwelling fungi the Mousseron can grow on both live and decaying wood, and as its alternative name suggests, it appears in rings which grow larger each year, fruiting at the outer edge. The pattern is created when the mycelia, the portion of the mushroom living underground, grows outward from the centre, robbing the soil of nutrients as it does so. Although small in stature the Mousseron is big on flavour and has a richness which is not dissimilar to a Cep. The stems can occasionally be tough and therefore the caps are sometimes harvested on their own. Particularly favoured by the French, Mousserons appear in the spring before the second flush in autumn, making it a handy seasonal go-to as well as lending themselves to both drying and pickling.