Chicken Of The Woods

Latin name: Laetiporus Sulphureus
Alternative names: Sulphur Shelf/ Chicken Fungus Culinary uses: None known, other than cooking

One of the most polarising and intriguing wild mushrooms, the distinctive Chicken of the Woods mushroom stirs the imagination like few others. Chickens must always be cooked and even then they have been known to cause dizziness, hallucination and mild stomach upset to a small proportion of those who eat them. We happen to find them delicious, its meaty texture and tofu-like consistency mean the name is no misnomer. Most commonly found on oak, willow and poplar they also grow on yew, though chickens found on yew trees should never be eaten as it absorbs poisonous toxins which are present in the tree. You’re unlikely to confuse this mushroom with any other but when harvesting, note that the younger fresher specimens make for the best eating.