We love recycling here at Mash and even have a dedicated on-site recycling centre for all internal waste. We are proud to say that we are recycling 100% of all waste streams (food, cardboard, plastic & wood).

We send our soft plastic to be converted into refuse-derived fuel, which is recycled by turning the waste into energy achieving 100% landfill avoidance.

The cardboard turned into pulp for paper.

The wood is turned into furniture.

All consumable food waste goes to The Felix Project and anything unconsumable is turned into a nutrient-rich biofertiliser through the process of Anaerobic Digestion.

We have also been working closely with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging coming into the warehouse and subsequently going out to our customers. All deliveries are packed in Mash recyclable biodegradable boxes which we then collect from our customers and recycle back at Mash HQ.

We are currently reviewing all packaging alternatives to see where we can further reduce packaging or move to alternatives such as biodegradable packaging.