Wye Valley Produce

Wye Valley

Wye Valley Produce is grown by fourth-generation farmers, the Chinn family, in the Wye Valley, near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire. They planted their first Asparagus crop in the Spring of 2003, and the Wye Valley brand has since expanded to include rhubarb, blueberries and green beans.

The light, sandy soil and south-facing slopes of the meandering Wye Valley capture the earliest spring sunlight, and create a microclimate that is perfectly formed to produce some of the earliest, and the best, produce in the UK.

It is their attention to freshness and quality, as well as the natural advantage of the location, which makes Wye Valley Produce stand out from the rest.

Wye Valley Asparagus is hand-harvested and hydro-cooled down to 2° C within the hour. This ensures that it retains maximum freshness and flavour. Asparagus is harvested from March to July, and from September to October. The rhubarb stems are wonderfully sweet, tender and bright, harvested from March to July and again in September. Wye Valley also grow a range of blueberry varieties across the sheltered valley to ensure the best-tasting fruit is available from June to October. All fruit is hand-picked, chilled and packed on the same day.