Molyneux Kale Company is unique; they have been farming in the same area for centuries, that experience, care and knowledge means they can produce the only all-year round kale in the UK.

Molyneux grow a wide range of Kales, Italian Brassicas (Cavolo Nero to Minestra Nera), Chards (Swiss, Rainbow and Candy), and Oriental brassicas (Mizuna, Green Wave Mustard), as well as Italian Chicory (both leafy and Radicchio types) and Puntarelle.

Their kale relies on the unique combination of know-how, the local soils, and maritime climate of south-west Lancashire. As the name suggests, they are a family business. Having been farmers in the same locale for longer than formal records have existed – but believed to be 150 years and counting. Being born into a farming family is no guarantee of ability, however Chris has risen to become the mastermind of the Molyneux Kale Company. Wise words passed on from his father, uncles, and all the previous generations of Molyneux farmers has given him an innovative mind. Chris has worked out the ways to make the most of our unique soils and climate to get the very best crops from his land. This is not farming by satellite or drone, or even the seat of a large tractor. This is farming done walking the fields, over and over, knowing the way the weather affects each one, and understanding when to sow, and not to sown.