Lane Cottage

Lane Cottage is based in the beautiful rolling hills of north Herefordshire, situated approximately halfway between Ludlow and Presteigne. The market garden at Lane Cottage was founded in mid-2011 by Richard and Mandy Sidgwick.

They choose the varieties they grow for flavour and love to source and experiment with new varieties. The salad leaves are grown in the polytunnels and outside, in the fields. Produce is picked the day before delivery. Mandy and Richard make the perfect team with Richard covering the sowing, digging, growing, weeding, pest-control, muck spreading, rotavating, tractor-driving and polytunnel building; and Mandy picking and packing with much-needed help from three local super-women, plus extra help as needed.

Prior to their arrival, the land that they now grow on was unused and largely undisturbed for many years. Artificial pesticides and fertilizers have never been used on the fields, therefore, they made the decision to continue to grow traditionally. Using only organic fertilizers and companion planting, beneficial bacillus and nematodes for pest control, these are creatures that eat the baddies that eat the crops!
They only sell what they grow and can tell you exactly which field or polytunnel it came from.