D Westwood & Son


D Westwood & Son are a family business and have been farming within the famous “Rhubarb Triangle” of West Yorkshire, since the late 1880s. The present business was started by Jonathan’s Grandfather back in the 1930s, at that time he was growing rhubarb as well as producing milk and beef. With the market gardening and field vegetable production starting in the 1950s.

David Westwood took over the business in the early 60s trading as D.Westwood and continued to expand the business and growing area. The partnership of D.Westwood & Son started in 1982 when Jonathan and Judith Ann Westwood joined.

The farm now covers approximately 460 acres, growing a variety of brassicas, with 100 acres of the farm producing both forced and outdoor rhubarb, Green Top.

D Westwood & Son are the largest producer of Forced Rhubarb in the country, probably in the world, producing an average between 200 – 250 tonnes of rhubarb each year, as well as 300 tonnes of outdoor rhubarb, on an annual basis!

The rhubarb varieties include:
Stocksbridge Arrow

Other produce includes:
Savoy Cabbage
Spring Cabbage
White Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Primo Cabbage