Blue Whale

Since the beginning in 1950, Blue Whale fruit-growers have joined forces to come together under a co-operative format. Blue Whale produce covers 19 different apple varieties, from 300 French growers with 5500 hectares of orchards!

All Blue Whale fruit growers are approved with the charter name “Eco-responsible orchard” which certifies good orchard management using biocontrol and natural processes, producing healthy fruit whilst respecting the environment.

The apple range includes:
Ariane Les Naturianes®
Blue Reine
Canada Gris
Fuji Primeur
Golden Delicious
Granny Smith
Novablue ®
Pink Lady®
Red Chief
Royal Gala
Tentation® Delblush
Organic Delisdor
Organic Delinette

Other fruits include:
Pears: Guyot, Williams, Conference, Comice, Angelys
Grapes: Chasselas de Moissac, Centennial, Muscat de Hambourg
Kiwis: Hayward
Plums: Sunkiss, Mirabelle, Reine-Claude, Ruby Crunch, President, TC Sun, Metis® September Yummy, Metis® Prumred VII